This is one of the premier canoe race weekends in New York State! There are top-level international competitions in solo and tandem racing canoes and kayaks. The 12 and 14 mile courses are among the most challenging on the marathon race circuit. In addition, there are 1, 3, 5 and 8 mile race events appropriate for the local recreational racer, and a 2 mile team relay race for recreational paddlers. All races are on the Grasse and Little Rivers, with the start and finish at Taylor Park, Canton NY. Amenities include a children’s playground on site, race tee-shirts, FFA chicken barbeque (Sat. only), music by DJ Double Dutch (Sat. only), award ceremonies, ample parking and free overnight camping .
C'est l'un des meilleurs week-ends de course de canoë dans l'État de New York! Il existe des compétitions internationales de haut niveau en canoës et kayaks de course en solo et en tandem. Les parcours de 12 et 14 milles sont parmi les plus difficiles du circuit de course de marathon. De plus, il y a des épreuves de course de 1, 3, 5 et 8 milles appropriées pour le coureur de pagaie local, et une course de relais par équipe de 2 milles pour les pagayeurs récréatifs. Toutes les courses se déroulent sur Grasse et Little Rivers, avec le départ et l'arrivée à Taylor Park, Canton NY. Les installations comprennent une aire de jeux pour enfants sur place, des tee-shirts, un barbecue au poulet FFA (samedi uniquement), de la musique par DJ Double Dutch (samedi uniquement), des cérémonies de remise des prix, un grand parking et camping gratuit.
2020 Racing Class Information
For the 2020 season, NYPRA is allowing the GRB C-1 Pro Concept boat to participate in the C-1 – Open class. This class is for racing canoes that fit the 4 by 32 specification. Boats are to be a maximum length of 18’6” and they should measure at least 32” wide at the 4 inch waterline. However, race directors, at their discretion, may choose to establish a separate class for the GRB C-1 Pro Concept boat. Please reach out to the race director if you have further questions. NYPRA will be reviewing this specification at the conclusion of the 2020 racing season for a more definitive ruling.
The GRB Concept boat will be allowed to compete in the C-1 Pro and Amateur classes during Canton Canoe Weekend.
Organized competition among one-person canoes (C-1) began its modern history in the mid-1970s. In order to standardize competitive designs, measurements were transferred directly from two-person canoes or C-2s to the new one-person or C-1 competition classes. These specifications called for both C-1 and C-2 boats to measure 32” wide at the 4” waterline - better known as the “4 by 32” rule. Over time, as competitive canoeing became more popular, boat designers and builders began developing more efficient C-1 canoes, but were constrained by the 4 by 32 specification. This resulted in the designs we see today with narrow bows and wide wings at the midpoint of the canoe, a compromise between the most efficient design possible and the specifications adopted decades earlier.
Race Entry Fees
SLVP Member
Wounded Warrior
$  5
Saturday Events
9:30 AM - Modern Rushton Races:  Bring your canoe or kayak and join us for the morning recreational races of 1, 3, 5 or 8 miles.

11:00-5:00 PM - Music by DJ Double Dutch.
12:30 PM - C-1 Pro International World Championship sponsored by St. Lawrence Health System & C-1/K-1 Amateur Races:  
14 and 12 miles on the Grasse and Little Rivers.
2:00 PM until sold out - FFA Chicken Barbeque.

3:00 PM - Saturday Awards Ceremony.
3:30 PM - Joe Randi Rushton Relay (Family & Friends, High School, College Challenge & Open Divisions): come out to the park and have fun on the water with family and friends for this 2 mile relay race!
4:00-5:00 PM - Try out a boat! A variety of recreational kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards, children's kayaks and racing boats will be available to paddle with assistance from Canton Canoe Weekend volunteers and paddlers (weather permitting).
Sunday Events
10:00 AM - C-2 Pro, C-2 Amateur, K-1 Special: 
14 and 12 mile races on the Grasse and Little Rivers.

12:45 PM - Sunday Awards Ceremony

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